Education / Schools

English Eligibility

French is the official language of instruction in Quebec and special eligibility is required to attend English schools. Under the Charter of French Language children in the following categories may be enrolled in English-language schools:

  1. Children who are permanent residents of Quebec and who qualify for a certificate of eligibility for instruction in English
  2. Children who are living in Quebec temporarily and who qualify for a temporary authorization to receive instruction in English.

***A certificate of eligibility is generally given to children:

  • who did the majority of their elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada; or

  • whose brother or sister did the majority of his or her elementary or secondary studies in English in Canada; or

  • whose father or mother did the majority of his or her elementary studies in English in Canada.

Special Cases

  • children with severe learning disabilities

  • children whose father or mother was declared eligible for instruction in English but who did his or her elementary and secondary studies in French after August 26, 1977.

Click HERE for more information on English eligibility

Classes are offered from 5yr old kindergarten (full day) through High School (grade 11 or secondary V).

Public System

The public education system in Quebec is divided along linguistic lines with two school boards in each area - one for the French schools and one for the English. In the West Island of Montreal these two school boards are the Lester B. Pearson School Board for the English side and La Commission Scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys for the French.

Lester B. Pearson School Board
La Commission Scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys

Private System

There are also many private schools in the Montreal area, offering instruction in either English or French. Most of these are located closer to downtown Montreal, however there are several located in the West Island.

Many parents of children who are not eligible for English schooling choose to send their children to English private schools. Here are some links to some West Island private schools:

West Island College
(Co-Ed High School)

Kuper Academy
(Co-Ed Pre-school, Elementary & High School)

Alexander Von Humboldt School
(German/French/English Elementary & High School)

Institution Charlemagne
(French Elementary & High School)

Marie-Claire Academy
(Bilingual Elementary School)

Collège Beaubois 
(French High School) 

Collège Ste-Anne
(French Elementary, High School, CEGEP)

***Please contact us for information and web links for private schools downtown***

CEGEPs (Post-Secondary)

CEGEP - Collège d'Enseignement Général et Professionnel

  • 2-year program of pre-university, equivalent to grades 12 & 13

  • 3-year program of professional/technical studies towards special Diploma

The CEGEP programs are government funded but there is no eligibility requirement to attend English CEGEP. In order to attend a Quebec University, a CEGEP diploma (2 year program) is required.

English CEGEPs
John Abbot College
Dawson College
Marionopolis College
Vanier College

French CEGEPs
College Gerald-Godin
College Ste-Anne

Montreal is home to McGill and Concordia Universities (English) and Université de Montréal and Université de Québec à Montréal (French).



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